My work explores the life and breadth of human experience in the form of sculpture, painting, sound, installation and any other media that lends itself to best engaging the aspects presently relevant to my own life experience. I question the nature and power of human perception as directed by studies of the brain and other biological systems. My creative process playfully engages systems of opposites, aimed at discovering the individually shared units that actually bind the two together. This subject of connection is repeated through my work, referencing bonds by rhythm, pattern and/or formal characteristics. With a system’s defined unit for connection, their parts may be freely arranged and used to construct a newly defined “unitary whole” from its newly configured patterns of repeated parts. (Another way to phrase this back and forth build up and exchange between values is simply the process which any defined meaning comes into being).

My present work looks at the expansive relationship between light and sensory experience, with time and energy both as constants to their products’ equations. I’ve taken a methodical approach to painting; carefully applying primary colored acrylics, fused by light and water, to build up forms on paper that echo the ways energy behaves within the concealed chambers of our brains. Streams of invisible frequencies are constantly consumed by the senses to articulate readable wavelengths that the brain then translates into memory of this material experience. The beauty of this mechanical exchange happens once these wavelengths have been simultaneously braided in with complex series of emotions, which then inform patterns whereby our collective memory of time finds form.

For me, light has become the shared language of experience. Themes around order and chaos, natural and synthetic, life and death, and elements of sensory engagement and spirituality repeatedly collide across all my work to bring into further focus the complex beauty shared across this fluid language of experience. Those like Wassily Kandinsky, John Cage, Sol LeWitt, Max Bill, James Turrell, Christo & Jean Claude, and Cy Twombly are a few amongst many whom I join to add my own little drop to the overlapping seas of conversation around what it means to be human in this experience of time.