Photo courtesy of  Kay Rael . 2018

Photo courtesy of Kay Rael. 2018

JORILEE is the place where you can find the work of Jori Johnson for sale — ranging from original artwork, to signed prints, to stationery items with designs that have all emerged from her process-oriented art making discipline.

Jori received both her Bachelor’s of Studio Art (2010) and a Master’s of Fine Art from Azusa Pacific University (2018).

Find out more about Jori’s fine art practice at JORIJOHNSON.COM

artist statement

My present work looks at the expansive relationship between light and sensory experience. In a methodical, yet playful approach to mark-making, My painting process was originally developed as a synesthetic response to language as musical economy— using a pallet of primary acrylic colors to abstractly render the movement of sound as a linear transcription of color.

These vivid expressions are reminiscent of ways energy behaves within the concealed chambers of the brain. Our senses work tirelessly to receive and transform continuous streams of language-less sensory impulses into readable wavelengths that the brain then uses to build memory of our material experience. The beauty, however, of this mechanical exchange between brain and body lies in the way these wavelengths become simultaneously braided in with our unpredictable, complex series of emotions, which weave the patterns whereby our own unique narrative of time’s movement claims a voice, giving meaning to the moments which may otherwise remain undefined.

Themes around order and chaos, natural and synthetic, life and death, and elements of sensory engagement and spirituality repeatedly collide across all my work to bring into further focus the complex beauty shared across this fluid language of experience.